Deconstructing Voting Behaviour – Didier Eribon, Room for Discussion 22 mrt. 2018

At Room for Discussion we will engage in a discussion about voting behaviour, populism and the future of the left. Why do people vote in the first place? And which factors determine whether someone votes to further their own self interest or in line with their idea of an ideal society? The last decade has seen populist parties on the rise all across Europe and their success does not seem to come to a hold. How can we explain the support that this movement seems to gain across different social strata? What are the factors fuelling the populist outcry amongst the population? During the 20th century there was a clear cut distinction between parties on the left and on the right of the political spectrum. Further, there was a clear voter base of the left – namely the working classes. Since we see this notion of the traditional working class fade away, how can people at the lower ends of our economies unite and fight for their rights in a globalised economy? And how can the parties that we consider “left-wing” today reconstruct a coherent narrative and gain back political support?