2017 ASCA Awards, special mention for Joost de Bloois, In de naam van het Maagdenhuis

The 2017 Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA )Awards Committee–Aukje van Rooden, Carolyn Birdsall and Irene Villaescusa Illán gave a special attention to Joost de Bloois.

Special mention:

The committee would like to make a special mention of Joost de Bloois’ In de naam van het Maagdenhuis. Amsterdam: Editie Leesmagazijn, 2016. De Bloois’ essay makes an important contribution to understanding how the Maagdenhuis occupation in early 2015 was significant beyond its immediate context, with an analysis organised around key terms of neoliberalism, cognitive capitalism, precarity, debt, and democracy. De Bloois’ publication warrants praise as a theoretically-rich and engaged work of cultural analysis.




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